Thursday, December 15, 2005

More holiday cheer

Well, after all my Grinching yesterday about holiday music, someone gave me 2 new CDs today! Diana Krall's "Christmas Songs," which I really wanted, and Il Divo's "Christmas Collection," which I had never really thought about. Now, musically they're something of a joke, along the lines of, say, Andrea Boccelli or Charlotte Church. (After all, they were put together by Simon Cowell, of all people). As a serious opera buff, it should be my bounden duty to snark about them. But they're just so darned pretty I can't do it! Merry Christmas to me. :)


Megan Frampton said...


I saw your post, then quick put one of my husband's comp discs in the mail to you. I hope you like it, and if not, it makes a lovely coaster for a chocolatini.

Kelli McBride said...

Andrea Boccelli is awful! He has serious tone problems, and I can't stand to hear him. I'm always wearing the face that musicians have when they hear someone singing flat or sharp- that half wince, mask lifted, head cocked grimace that's half encouragement (yes, you can hit that pitch!) and half criticism (why the hell are you a recording star?).

As for music, I'm still pissed off that Pres. Bush interrupted Ellen DeGeneres' show today for his "press" conference (a chance to rehash the junk he said the night before). Why? Because Ricky Martin was going to perform!! Though I'm not a huge Martin fan (as in I even own any of his CDs), I do LOVE to watch him. He's got the most marvellous, er, hitch in his pants. ;-)