Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday! And candy!

I read about an event that I would dearly love to attend some day--the All Candy Expo in Chicago. Now, I've been a sugar fiend since I could eat solid food, but my tastes run to the mainstream--Godiva raspberry truffles, Milky Way Midnight bars, creme brulee, Braum's chocolate malts. The big news at the Expo this year was, well, gross stuff. Vomit-flavored jelly beans, cheese-flavored worm larvae, toy dogs that poop candy. There is even a line of new Fear Factor candy, as well as the now-classic Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (earwax, booger, dirt, soap, etc--thanks so much, Harry!). "Right now there are a lot of gross-out factors driving the market, and we want to capture that moment," said one candy company rep. Okey-dokey. I think I'll stick to Godiva, thanks. And not vomit-flavored.

In related news, Snapple made a brave attempt to gain the record for World's Largest Popsicle, a gi-normous frozen behemoth of strawberry-kiwi flavor Snapple meant to be raised in New York's Union Square on the first day of summer. A Snapsicle, if you will. Alas, all did not go well in this brave endeavor. It began to melt, a river of pink, sticky goo down 17th Street. It also didn't raise above a 25-degree angle, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Alas, the folly of human striving. :)

Happy Friday everyone! May your weekend be sweet. (And I will get a new Orlando pic up tomorrow, hopefully)

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