Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mardi Gras

My friend Kay's boyfriend Bill is in New Orleans right now, and has very kindly offered to bring me voodoo spells to either: A) lure Orlando to this blog, so he can see we are really soulmates (snort!!), or B) put a hex on my publisher when they thwart me on a proposal. I asked for one of each, plus a box of pralines. Need to be well-nourished for casting those love spells. Though the negative effects of the pralines on the appearance of my backside might then negate the spell! What a conundrum. :)

Speaking of Orlando, I was going to wait until Friday to post a new pic (show some restraint, Amanda, please!), but I feel like it now. I like this one, even though it also has the infernally skinny Keira Knightley in it (better than infernally perky like Katie Holmes, I guess). I'd like something like this on one of my covers some day, only I want to be the pirate wench! Hey, that gives me an idea--a pirate/time travel proposal...

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