Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Internet meanderings

Since I'm a model employee, I was surfing the web at work this morning. Started with my usual (look for new reviews of Lady Midnight, check Amazon and B&N numbers, read favorite blogs), then went on to finding useless and/or unusual places to shop and waste a little more time. There is no shortage of sites like this. There's the old stand-by Ebay (I never knew I needed a cast-iron Titanic doorstop until I saw one there!); the ABC store, so I can pretend to be in Hawaii; Past Times, a wonderful, wonderful store out of England; and, of course, the Sanrio site for Hello Kitty products. Today I also found Museum Replicas, a fabulous place for sword-and-sorcery geeks like myself. They have Monty Python and the Holy Grail products (though nothing as cool as the talking King Arthur action figures on the BBC America site), Lord of the Rings stuff (including an "official" One Ring, and Arwen's green ceremonial dress), and, from Kingdom of Heaven, a super-deluxe Sword of Ibelin for just $225 (scabbard sold separately). This would be very handy for cleaving the heads of people who annoy me, but I doubt I could lift it. I'll just have to settle for naming the villains in my books after them.

My favorite today, though, was the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild. I have 2 dolls from their signature Little Thinkers line, Emily Dickinson and Frida Kahlo. You wouldn't think these 2 would get along, but they appear to. They just sit in my bedroom and discuss that Hope is the thing with feathers... business. Anyway, I now have my eye on the Jane Austen and Shakespeare dolls, but you can also get Gandhi, Van Gogh, Darwin, Monet, Poe, Wagner, and Virgina Woolfe, among a slew of others. It's your very own artistic cabbal, for 14.95 each! Other must-haves include finger puppet sets of Hamlet and Carmen, Nietzsche's "Will to Power" candy bars, Freudian slippers, and t-shirts that read "Hear's looking at Euclid" and "What would Machiavelli do?". I had a good laugh for a Tuesday morning over there. :)

And here's another Orlando pic, a still from KOH I found after I tired of shopping and googled Orlando. Though I really doubt it would pass RWA's "graphical standards" (even though there is no breast-touching going on that I can see!). BTW, I was going to post about that brouhaha, but I think I'll wait until after I hear the "official RWA statement." Ahhh, the delicious absuridty.


Cicero_speaks said...
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Cicero_speaks said...

Ok, now that's not fair! Tell us about the drama regarding the "naughty" book cover rules.

Anyway, I believe Orlando B. can sell books so here's hoping for your next blockbuster to have him and a certain author on the cover together. :)

Btw, thanks for the at work research on cool web sites I haven’t heard of. Frida would approve!

Amanda McCabe said...

LOL! Having Orlando on the cover WOULD be one way to move books, that's for sure, and I wouldn't mind giving up my time for the photo shoot. :) I should let my editor know about this brilliant idea...