Monday, June 27, 2005


What I love about summer:

1) Fresh tomatoes with mozzarella and basil
2) A glass of chilled Chardonnay on the patio, while I watch the dogs run through the sprinklers
3) Wearing sundresses and flip-flops every day
4) Shakespeare in the Park
5) The smell of fresh-cut grass and roses from the garden
6) Jumping into a cold pool when it's 95 degrees outside
7) "Beach books" (and no, Oprah, that doesn't mean As I Lay Dying, it means stuff like Bergdorf Blondes)
8) Daylight until 9 at night
9) Fireworks on the 4th of July (plus hotdogs and margaritas)
10) RWA National every July

What I don't like so much:

1) Living in Oklahoma, the nexus of humidity
2) Bathing the dogs after they've run through those sprinklers and then rolled in the mud
3) Ironing those sundresses
4) Lack of variety at the multiplex (do Star Wars and Batman really need 6000 screens in one theater, when You and Me and Everyone We Know isn't even playing??)
5) And the thing I hate most--mosquitoes!!! (They seem to looove me, though)

Happy belated beginning of summer! :)


Cicero_speaks said...

Now that sounds like a great summer list of "to do's."

Here's a short list of mine.

The New Hotness:

1. Sitting out in the backyard on the flagstone deck and enjoying fine Cuban cigar and a nice Pinot Noir while and watching the birds and squirrels. Thoreau never had a transcendent moment like that. :)

2. Summer blockbusters - definitely a guilty pleasure checking out the latest Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer mindless monstrosity. Sure I love the cinema but sometimes all I want is some car chases and explosions (while watching the good guy win and get the girl).

3. Seeing what the latest cars look like.

4. Enjoying a baseball game with friends (socializing while not particularly following the game).

5. Outdoor concerts - from J.P. Souza to Dave Matthews.

6. Traveling to see friends and family. And that includes hanging out with my favorite Romance author!

Old and Busted:

1. With the summertime movies, I've slowly come to the realization that movie heroes are becoming decidedly wimpy. Where are the Steve McQueens of Hollywood? Can anyone honestly think someone as homely as Charles Bronson could get work in Hollywood today? He would never put product in his hair :)

2. Enduring the heat and humidity and having no beach to go to.

3. Having to stay inside and work on the dissertation when I'd rather be outside or seeing a summertime movie.

That's about it. Here's to an enjoyable summer for you and your readers! :)

Amanda McCabe said...

I've decided we need a new law, one that declares summer a vacation for everyone! Just like when we were kids. Time for pools and ice cream and reading Harry Potter and being bored. :)