Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday things

I've been a blog slacker again, I know. I've been working more hours than usual this week getting ready for a benefit concert for the station tonight (went really well, BTW! If you like classical guitar you should check out the Viva Trio). So I'm behind on my writing, on surfing the Web for new Orlando pics, on aimlessly wandering the aisles at the Super Target. Really, on everything that makes life worthwhile. :) But I will get caught up now.

One thing I was not too busy to do was watch Dancing With the Stars last night. What did you all think of the outcome? I was kinda surprised Rachel Hunter was eliminated, I was sure it would be the New Kids on the Block guy. The judges seemed to love her, but she always did look really ticked off even when she was in first place. At least the three couples left are pretty fun. I liked watching them all waltz at the same time and try not to mow each other down, though I was disappointed no fights broke out. :) Can't wait for next week!

Meanwhile, check out this great website-- It's hilarious! I nearly fell off my chair cracking up over the Saturday Night Fiedler album, though really this site is chock full of rare gems. But who the heck is Little Marcy???


Cicero_speaks said...

You have to LOVE the coordinating outfits of Lil' Marcy and her "handler" (is that the right word?). :)

All of those were priceless!

Amanda McCabe said...

"Handler"--that makes it sound kind of kinky. :))