Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Shopping a la Europe

My Internet wanderings today took on a distinctly European theme--buy from around the world without leaving the comfort of your living room! :) Here are some interesting sites:

Austriastore.at (for all your Alpine needs, such as embroidered lederhosen and dirndls)
Artofvenice.com (Venetian glass, gorgeous)
Directart.co.uk (just in case you've always wanted a print of "Last Stand of the 24th Regiment of Foot South Wales Borderers during the Zulu Wars", just 42 pounds plus 15 pounds shipping)
Pedroximenez.com (Spanish wines)
Figleaves.com (English lingerie)
Fromages.com (all French cheese all the time, naturellement)

And, BTW, Baby Dior has now opened its first boutique in London! Now your wee one need no longer pine for those designer rompers and booties. :)

Bon voyage!

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