Saturday, October 28, 2006

5 Things

I have been SUCH a blog slacker lately! My only excuse is autumn sloth, and trying to research a new project, plus reading 2 (count 'em, 2!) Marie Antoinette books at once (Abundance: A Novel of Marie Antoinette and Queen of Fashion). Megan tapped me for a 5 Things I Know For Sure challenge days ago, and I just read about it last night! Anyway, here goes--and since I'm running around trying to get my costume ready for a Halloween party tonight, it will have a Halloween theme:

1) Milky Way Midnight is the very best candy bar to get in your Trick or Treat bag (Twix and Kit Kats a close second)

2) The Shining is the scariest movie EVER

3) My favorite costume my mother ever made me was a Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, complete with ruby slippers. Or it might be my pirate costume this year, though since I am a makeup applying dunce I doubt I can get the "Johnny Depp eyeliner thing" going. And I'm going to start working on getting a Marie Antoinette costume for next year...

4) The new Marie Antoinette movie, while flawed in many ways, has the best soundtrack ever! And the best shots of pastry in the history of film

5) Speaking of pastry--say what you will about a Napoleon, an Opera, or a kiwi/strawberry tart, a classic eclair is (almost) always the way to go

Lame enough for you, Megan? Next time I will be serious, I promise, with profound musings on Orlando's dimple and how Laura should have won PR. :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Musings

If you need a little funny to brighten up your Monday (as I always do--Starbucks Green Tea Frappucinos help, too) check out the Andy Dick parody of thos Audrey Hepburn Gap ads on YouTube.

And I heard Chanel is putting Black Satin back into production and shipping on Monday (today!). I am so going to the mall after work. :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

RR Saturday

Am over at Risky Regencies today, talking about Casanova and neologisms (and also time wastage and Go Fug Yourself and PR and DTWTS). Back soon to regularly scheduled posts here, once I get this new proposal into editor-ready shape!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Rainy Mondays

So, today is Columbus Day (as I discovered when I tried to go to the post office this morning!). If you don't feel like celebrating, or if, like me, you do NOT have the day off, check out this site.

In the meantime, I'm just slogging through my Monday, looking forward to Dancing With the Stars (could you believe Vivica left last week, while Jerry stayed!!! Admittedly, she was a little too "I'm such a diva" for me, but she was by far the better dancer) and the first part of the Project Runway finale. Onward!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hello Kitty Friday

Thanks to Bill for today's HK installment--the exploding Hello Kitty toy. That's just wrong.

And don't forget the Huge Pride and Prejudice contest at Risky Regencies! Ending Sunday. :)

Monday, October 02, 2006


We're having a fabulous contest over at Risky Regencies! We're giving away TWO copies of the A&E 10th anniversary Pride and Prejudice DVD/book set. Too bad I'm not eligible to enter--I think my copy is getting worn out from being watched 10,000 times. :) The contest runs through Sunday.