Friday, January 20, 2006

7 Meme and winter blahs

I think I've had the mindwinter doldrums the last few days, because I haven't felt like doing much except reading (Rita books mostly) and watching pointless movies. And that doesn't add up to much exciting blogging! But I've been meaning to answer a post Kelli made on her blog waaaay back on December 30 (wow--have I been in the doldrums THAT long?). The 7 Meme. So here goes.

7 things to do before I die:
1) Go to Tahiti (actually, most of these ended up being travel-related. This will stand in for all of them)
2) Learn at least the basics of a musical instrument (my disastrous elementary school experience with the piano doesn't count)
3) Learn some Italian (besides what you hear in the ladies' room at Macaroni Grill)
4) Remember to breathe!
5) Take surfing lessons (hopefully with some blond god on Tahiti)
6) One of those audited classes at Oxford (no, not Oxford, TX!)
7) Orlando!

7 things I cannot do:
1) Like Kelli, I can't watch the president on TV. Or listen to him on the radio. Just can't.
2) Get my grandmother to use her $4000 hearing aid, so she can actually hear us (no one can. Impossible)
3) Sing. Much as I would like to. My cats start howling at me when I try.
4) Fly a plane. Or sail a boat.
5) Cook a chocolate souffle
6) Pet a snake. Ew.
7) Watch most reality TV (except for Dancing With the Stars. Or Project Runway)

7 things that attract me to my best friends/significant others:
1) Intelligence
2) Curiosity
3) Acceptance
4) Caring-ness (is that a word?)
5) Compassion
6) Humor (a biggie--they need a sense of humor to put up with me!)
7) Their appreciation of Guiness

7 things I say most often:
1) "So, anyway..."
2) "If you would just do what I say..."
3) "**** computer!"
4) "OK then. Chapter One. Really this time"
5) "***slow driver!" (Note--I usually only curse when alone. But I do hate slow drivers)
6) "You're listening to the choice for classical music..." (at work)
7) "Abigail, stop it!" (I think that the dog must believe her name actually is "Abigailstopit")

7 books I love:
1) Gone With the Wind
2) Persuasion
3) Pride and Prejudice
4) Middlemarch
5) Laura Kinsale's For My Lady's Heart
6) Confederacy of Dunces
7) Killer Angels

7 movies I watch over and over:
1) Shakespeare in Love
2) Breakfast at Tiffany's
3) Romeo and Juliet (the Zeffirelli version)
4) Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow version--it's just so darn cute)
5) Phantom of the Opera (since I got the DVD for Christmas! OK, so the music sometimes gets on my nerves, but it does have #2 boyfriend...)
6) Gone With the Wind
7) Roman Holiday

People I want to join in (not 7--Kelli snatched most of them! If you don't have a blog, just list 'em here):
Kay and/or Bill


Cara King said...

Well, I don't have a blog, so I guess I'll list them here! Off the top of my head, so maybe not definitive: :-)

7 things to do before I die:
1) Go to Venice again.
2) Take my niece to England and show her why it's so cool!
3) read Tom Jones
4) become satisfied with my writing career
5) get in shape
6) learn to tap dance
7) get a really great Shakespearian role (e.g. Lady Macbeth)

7 things I cannot do:
1) stop falling down, apparently!
2) sing well
3) give up eating cheese
4) become happy with "alright", "alot", "comprise" used the modern American way, or "livid" as a synonym for angry. :-)
5) cease fearing bugs
6) spend lots of money on clothes
7) stop buying books

7 things that attract me to my best friends/significant others:
1) Intelligence. (Even when I was a child, my mother would say "Cara has no tolerance for stupidity." I know it's not a virtue, but unfortunately I think it's permanent!)
2) Sense of humor. (Including a certain tolerance for dark humor!)
3) They like me. :-)
4) They're not perfect.
5) They have similar interests.
6) They respect popular culture, but don't hate "high" culture.
7) They're caring people (or, as Amanda would say, "caringness.")

7 things I say most often:
1) "What was I saying?"
2) "He TOTALLY didn't have right-of-way."
3) "Totally," "as if," "majorly," or "WAY." (Sorry. You can take the girl out of the Valley, but...oh, you get the idea.)
4) "Good heavens, Gwendolen!"
5) "Why do they DO that?"
6) "The waiter's never going to refill my water, is he?"
7) "We never clean this place. We should clean it more often. We should clean it now. You wanna watch Battlestar Galactica?"

7 books I love:
1) Pride and Prejudice (Austen)
2) Black Sheep (Heyer)
3) Sweet and Twenty (Joan Smith)
4) Little Women (Alcott)
5) Charmed Life (Diana Wynne Jones)
6) Drowned Ammet (Diana Wynne Jones)
7) Half Magic (Edward Eager)

7 movies I watch over and over:
1) Shakespeare in Love
2) Persuasion (Amanda Root & Ciaran Hinds)
3) Grosse Pointe Blank
4) Singing in the Rain
5) Newsies
6) Fellowship of the Ring
7) Nightmare Before Christmas


Amanda McCabe/Amanda Carmack/Laurel McKee said...

LOL! "No tolerance for stupidity"? What I really hate is willful stupidity. Or people who are proud to be ignorant (like certain members of my extended family). Don't understand that at all.

And how could I forget "Persuasion"! I think I've seen that about 60 times...

Megan Frampton said...

I did this meme already--

although I would probably change my answers now. And I really don't have the travel bug--I think I like Brooklyn too much. Or I'm a big scaredy cat about being in foreign lands.

Amanda McCabe/Amanda Carmack/Laurel McKee said...

What do you think you would change, Megan?

Kelli McBride said...

You can't DO ORLANDO! Unless you are talking about Florida. Now, I'm putting my foot down (Oops, sorry Orly, you can kiss the other one now). It is a NEW YEAR, so Orly is mine again. You can DO Gerard Butler (though I agree - no singing).

Megan Frampton said...

I think my favorite books change from day-to-day. Today, for example, I would pick:

Loretta Chase, Lord of Scoundrels
Raymond Chandler, The Maltese Falcon
Jane Austen, Persuasion
Mary Balogh, Notorious Rake
Andrew Lang, Fairy Tales
Edith Wharton, House of Mirth
Charles Willeford, Cockfighter

I think I'd lose the Viehl and Stephenson books, at least today.

Betty S said...

The 7 Meme

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:
1 Write my books
2 Start a business
3 Read all the books I want
(It's my list. It doesn't have to be realistic!)
4 Travel More
5 Grow a successful veggie garden
(I have the blackest thumb in America. If I were a Pilgrim I would have starved to death the first year after I landed.)
6 Lose weight
7 Spend time with my grandchildren
(as yet unconceived)

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1 Intentionally hurt people
2 Grow younger
3 Laugh enough or Love enough
4 Spend enough time with my family and friends
5 Have enough time to read
6 Spend enough time writing
7 Have a clean house
(You could move me into a mansion and I would quickly find a way to make it look like a storage closet)

Seven Things that Attract Me to My Best Friends (or significant other, etc.)
1 Sense of humor
2 Honesty
3 Tolerance
4 La joie de vivre
5 Compassion
6 Creative thinking
7 Dedication and Reasoned Loyalty

Seven Things I Say (or write!) Most Often
1 I love you
2 Shit
3 It's an adventure
4 How did that happen?
5 Is the internet down?
6 Write it on the grocery list.
(Or the variation, Was it on the grocery list?)
7 Let's go

Seven Books I Love
(There is no way humanly possible I can limit this without driving myself insane. I love them all equally so I will just list catagories.)
1 Romance (OKRWA Outlaws especially)
2 Science Fiction (Robert Heinlein "Stranger in a Strange Land". Also, Bradbury, Asimov, Arthur C. Clark, HG Wells, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Kurt Vonnegut, )
3 Science (archeology, anthropology, astronomy, biology, psychology. Just about anything, really.
4 Poetry (From just about any period)
5 Spirituality, Philosophy, Self Improvement
6 Biography (My favorite form of fiction)
7 Current Events

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again
(Okay I cheated. These are by 7 vague personally defined catagories instead of 7 movies. It is the tip of the iceberg and nowhere near complete)
1 Somewhere In Time (many couples have a song, my dh & I also have a movie)
2 Bull Durham, Dances with Wolves, Turner and Hootch, Jumpin' Jack Flash,
3 Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, You've got Mail, French Kiss, Out of Africa, Her Alibi, Runaway Bride,
4 An Affair to Remember, The King and I, Citizen Cane,
5 ET, Logan's Run, Mrs. Doubtfire, Tootsie, Close Encounters, From the Earth to the Moon Series, the 5th element, True Lies, Guarding Tess, The Banger Sisters,
6 Princess Cariboo, Oh Brother Where Art Thou ("I thought you was a toad!"), Second Hand Lions, Local Hero, Cats
7 Anything with Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, James Garner, Richard Geer, Sean Connery, Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts,

Cicero_speaks said...

7 things to do before I die:
1. Build my own recording studio, workshop and humidor (ew stinky cigars!)
2. Build Laura the kitchen (and house) of her dreams
3. Travel in space – the awesome British Billionaire Adventurer Richard Branson and Burt Rutan will get me there.
4. Get in shape (despite the jokes on the web I’ve seen, round is NOT a shape)
5. Learn at least a third language
6. Learn to dance (well)
7. Travel to some interesting islands…I’ll start with England.

7 things I cannot do:
1. Wear a Speedo – I got one as a gift one Christmas and I will never wear that Euro-inspired “man panty.”
2. Wear leather pants –As much as I’d love to be a rock star, it would come off as aging hipster…and that’s def. not cool.
3. I hate to do a me too (see Manda and Kelli) but as much as I like our Commander in Chief (yes I am sincere and possibly troubled in some eyes), I cannot listen to W mangle the language either. Being a facile public speaker is a gift all of us wish we had (and he definitely doesn’t).
4. Get organized. No amount of New Years’ Resolutions will help this!
5. Be patient with slow drivers…especially when they’re in the left lane in front of me.
6. Be patient while in line anywhere – lines are a fact of life but they still drive me bonkers. Thank goodness for online shopping!
7. Properly wrap a gift. This is almost embarrassing to admit to but if you ever receive a gift from me it will either be in one of those overpriced gift bags or it will be wrapped with at least 2x the amount of wrapping actually needed.

7 things that attract me to my best friends/significant others:
1. Sense of humor –without this all is lost (especially the punch line to a bad joke or obscure reference).
2. Intellect – Someone to bounce ideas off of or discuss current events. Being open to new ideas and keeping fairly current with music, art, and culture (without seeming like a know-it-all like Cliff Clavin).
3. Compassion – someone who could imagine walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.
4. Passion – someone who has a pulse and who cares about something strongly.
5. Openness to Experience – being somewhat adventurous and willing to try new things (e.g., new restaurants, independent movies).
6. Trust – ‘nuff said.
7. That “indescribable something” the French have a term for…but I’ll just say Gestalt.

7 things I say most often:
1. “OK” (and I don’t know why…)
2. “W.T.F.” (yah, I know, I have a potty mouth at times…this is usually said alone in my car while in traffic).
3. “STELLA!” (my kitten is curious…acts like a two year old child; climbs and jumps much better than one)
4. “So what you’re saying is…”
5. “And by ‘x’ you mean ‘y’” (x and y are usually completely and absurdly unrelated…wacky indeed)
6. “Would you like a warm glass of shut the hell up?” (ok, it’s sounds like a nasty comment but it's a cheesy reference given in's from an equally cheesy movie).
7. “I’m almost done” (in response to the inevitable question from others about my dissertation)

7 books I love:
1. William Gibson’s books – any of them. While he’s seen as a sci-fi writer, his stories are gritty and engaging mysteries.
2. Caleb Carr’s “The Alienist” – turn of the century historical fiction. Teddy Roosevelt never seemed so cool.
3. Clive Barker’s “The Great and Secret Show”
4. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
5. “Freakonomics : A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything” by Steven Levitt
6. We3 by Grant Morrison
7. The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

7 movies I watch over and over:
1. Groundhog Day
2. The Star Wars Trilogy (the 1st set not the awful recent ones)
3. Mr. Show – not technically a movie but great comedy
4. Any in the Lord of the Rings trilogy
5. Gladiator
6. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back or Mall Rats
7. Any of the James Bond movies (except maybe the Timothy Dalton ones)

What I would add to the Meme since I’m a music guy: 7 favorite CDs I listen to over and over:
1. Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite”
2. Garage A Trois’ “Emphasizer” – jazz never sounded so good
3. Michael Penn – “Resigned” – his actor brother could take some lessons from him
4. Rush – any
5. Leftfield's “LEFTISM” – best electronica ever
6. Grant Lee Buffalo – “Mighty Joe Moon”
7. Tori Amos – “Under the Pink”