Saturday, January 21, 2006


One aspect of writing I am not good at is coming up with eye-catching titles. Now, I need one for my historical fiction proposal before it goes winging on its way, and nothing is coming to me. Any ideas here??? It's set in Renaissance Italy, features art, murder, and, well, all kinds of Italian things. :)

Any help deeply appreciated.


Cara King said...

Adagio for Two.
Love by the Adriatic.

Or is it not romance? Hmmm...

Lethal Leonardo.
Murder in Marble.

Sorry, I have no good ideas today!

Meet the Medicis.
Morte di Medici (that's probably bad Italian!)
Michelangelo and the Murderous Medici.
(Which one???)
Being Borgia.
Morte and Mortadella.

See, told you I have no good ideas!

What are the characters' names?


Amanda McCabe/Amanda Carmack/Laurel McKee said...

It's not a romance, which is what is making it hard for me! I can come up with plenty of romance-ish things, but nothing eye-catchingly historical. :)

The main character's name is Isabella, and the main artist we see is Botticelli. I've been flipping through art books and Italian dictionaries, but nothing so far....

Betty S said...

Botticelli Code
Botticelli DeCoded
Botticelli Debackle

Hmm. Would probably help if we knew the point of the plot.

Isabella's Artful Dodge

I have no idea, really. We need more information, Ammanda

Betty S said...

To live and die in Rome.
Art to Die For
Love me, Paint me, Kill me.
Death by Paintbrush
The Criminal Canvas
The Bottecilli Diversion
"Death Along the Tiber"
Artistic License to Kill
Paint Me Out
Waltz along the Tiber
The Rage of Rome

Hmm. Really need more info about the story.

Kelli McBride said...

The Art of Murder
The Garden of the deMedicis
A Masque of Murder

Betty S said...

I like The Garden of the deMedicis

Kay-Kay said...

If it is Venice, maybe it should be "Isabella's Artful Doge" instead... :)

Amanda McCabe/Amanda Carmack/Laurel McKee said...

My agent came up with a title--Tincture of Secrets. Now it's on it's way out into the world. :)