Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fashion icons

I finally got around to watching last week's Project Runway episode, the one where they had to design an outfit for whatever their assigned "fashion icon" was (you know, people like Audrey, Jackie--and Farrah??? How did she get in there???) This is the only reality show I watch, and it's cheesily addictive. I liked the Audrey dress, and the pink ruffly hot-pants thing that won, but would Jackie really have worn a rope for a belt?

Anyway, it made me start thinking--who are the great fashion icons today? Audrey is probably mine--I have a closet full of capri pants, black turtlenecks, ballet flats, and full-skirted cocktail dresses. But is there anyone more modern for us middle-of-the-roaders (and not-eighteen-anymorers) to emulate? Siena Miller is in all the magazines, but she always looks like a mess to me (who dresses like a disco ball at the Costume Institute gala? It's sad when Posh Spice outdresses you...) Ditto Chloe Sevigny and Kate Moss. Maybe I've just been reading too many fashion mags this summer.

Speaking of reading fashion mags, I must have a bottle of that Chanel Black Satin nail polish as soon as I can find one. And one of those Russian-looking coats with the big fake fur collars. And a winter-white purse with lots of pockets. I'm going to skip leggings and skinny jeans, though. And ankle boots. One '80s was enough for my whole life. :)


Megan Frampton said...

I went to Chanel's site to see that Black Satin polish--couldn't find it! It sounds lovely.

Current fashion icons: Nicole Kidman springs to mind, hm, not many other people. But I get all my fashion don'ts from the Go Fug Yourself folks.

Suisan said...

Wandered over from Risky Regencies.

I am SUCH a sucker for Project Runway. JetBlue was landing the plane during the episode of Who Will Be the Fist Designer Kicked Off The Show? Even knowing that Bravo was going to rerun it about a million times, I still made my husband drive just as fast as he could so I could see it from the beginning at our house. (JetBlue prgramming NY time, house in different time zone.)

Current fashion icons? Not sure--I'm fairly fashion dense.

Amanda McCabe/Amanda Carmack/Laurel McKee said...

Yay, another PR fan! I just watched the rerun of the "dog challenge" show last night, it was just so darned cute.

I've only seen the Black Satin in magazines so far. It's not at the Chanel counter, I've been pestering the SA there for weeks. I'll try to scan the pic from InStyle and post it here. (And yay Go Fug Yourself, too! I'm addicted to that blog)

Nicole Kidman is certainly beautiful, and I usually love her clothes (though that one-shouldered weddding dress seemed sort of a misfire). I like Gwyneth Paltrow, too. And--hm, can't think of many. I can think of actresses I like as actresses, but not really as fashionistas.

Betty S said...

I'm a fashion challenged person. I seldom even notice what other people are wearing much less what is the current trend.

I hang my head.