Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday bloggings

Sorry I missed the Monday post (after I said I'd post Mondays and Wednesdays!), but was having computer problems last night, so finally I gave up and spent the evening watching History Detectives. So, for today, go check out one of my very favorite sites, Go Fug Yourself for Emmy gown coverage far better than any I could provide (Looks I liked--Heidi Klum, and Sandra Oh's dress but not so much the copious necklaces. Looks I hated--Debra Messing--she looked liked a cake. And Ellen Pompeo).

That's it for now. :)

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Cicero_speaks said...

You want to talk about style? Timothy Dickens has the last word:


Timothy is no Mr. Blackwell (who is?) but he longs for the day of true Hollywood style of say, a Cary Grant or Carol Lombard (The Go Fug Yourself "Fuglies" can't hold a candle! I mean what is up with the Candice Bergen Aqua nightmare?).